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Abundance & Happiness


Pair with wild orange “oil of abundance”

For those looking to live a richer, more fulfilled and “gifted” life, this tiny trio will connect you to your inherent joy and inner light, while drawing positive energy to you like a magnet.

4-5mm raw wood and gemstone beads.
Citrine promotes joy, optimism and harmony. Tiger Eye increases luck, prosperity and wealth. Mother of Pearl attracts good fortune and opulence.


Add a drop of essential oil to the raw wood beads to amplify your intention. Simply place a drop of essential oil on your palm and rub your palms together, then roll the beads between your palms. As the wood absorbs the oil…connect to your intention, offer a prayer, give thanks. Wear your bracelet set as a spiritual forget-me-not.

Handmade in the USA.
Strung on durable stretch elastic. Fits up to 7″ wrist.
Showering or swimming while wearing your jewelry is not recommended as exposure to water can damage gemstones and weaken the stretch elastic.


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