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Melissa Rodgers

Melissa Rodgers

I believe intention is a superpower. One that can focus your energy and tune your vibration. I created High Vibe Beads to help you align with intention and live on purpose. Vibrant beads that you infuse with passion and soul to remind you of your inner strength and grace. High Vibe Beads is founded on the belief that intention married with integrity can be a powerful force for positive change in the world, one energized and empowered person at a time.

I keep my vibration high by doing things I love… being a wife and mom to 3 young adults… living a creative life… teaching yoga… laughing… being in nature… designing… reading… practicing wellness… connecting… treasure hunting… learning… practicing gratitude… loving… and living as if this is all there is!


Raise your vibration by anointing your wooden beads with dōTERRA essential oils.
Place a drop of essential oil into your palm and rub your palms together, then roll the beads between your palms. As the beads absorb the oil…set your intention, offer a prayer, give thanks. Wear your beads as a spiritual forget-me-not, a reminder to align with your intention.