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Joy ~ Citrine


She always preferred the classics. Except when she didn’t. The Modern Goddess collection.

A bold statement with a simple design; organic chunks of Clear Quartz, Amethyst, and Citrine – each as unique and beautiful as you are. Quartz for clarity and focus. Amethyst for peace and calm. Citrine for joy and abundance.

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Handmade in the USA.
17″ length. Brass findings.

Jewelry care recommendations:
Apply cosmetics, hair products, lotions, perfumes and powders prior to wearing your jewelry. Remove jewelry before showering, swimming, sunbathing, and exercising. Metals may tarnish over time due to oxygen and natural body oils. To reduce tarnishing, store jewelry in a sealed plastic bag or box in a dry, dark, and cool place.

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Bead Combinations

Rose Quartz-Mother of Pearl-Amethyst, Rose Quartz-Mother of Pearl-Amethyst-J


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